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  • Elephant by Andrew Patterson at Avenue tattoo studio. Wichita Falls, tx.

  • Revolution

    Every tattoo that i do has great meaning and significance. Being a 23 year old female tattoo artist, with each of my works, brings me one step closer to my goal “to inspire and be inspired”.

  • Turtles

    sea ‚Äč‚Äčturtle is an animal which has always fascinated me, noble, elegant, strong …… these three turtles that are in the ocean and represent my family, my wife, my daughter and me in own live

  • wolftattoo002

    This is a cover up of a dream catcher I got when I was 19. I am an Indian and the wolf represents the belief in of wolf and man. That we share the call of the wild and the… [ read more ]

  • panda

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