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  • wings

    I got this tattoo in remembering my son who has wings in heaven.

  • Money wings

    Time is money

  • Biomechanical wings

  • True angel

    I was really close with my papa. Before he passed away he used to call me his little angel. The day I turned 18 my first tattoo was for him and I got the biggest set of free hand angel… [ read more ]

  • Fallen Angel

    I Have been looking for the right artist to put some wings on my back and I have finally found him. I told Vince to give me some wings and this is what I got. Exactly how I wanted then… [ read more ]

  • Apple of My Crying Eye

  • Believe

    I got this,in honor of my grandmother and my father, they always taught me to believe in myself, so they passed away 6 months apart and they are my angels.

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