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  • Chest Piece

  • Angel wings

    It makes me feel so good

  • Earth Angel

    I believe nature supports all life, so in place of feathers for my wings I chose leaves.

  • Across my heart and hope to die

    This tat is for the love of my life no one else in this world can make me smile like you babe !!

  • Pheonix

    So far I have had seven detailed sessions and several more to go for one very large epic tattoo I have always wanted of a pheonix. It symbolizes the freedom and creative side I love about myself. The beauty of… [ read more ]

  • Winged Fears

    I only fear two things. 1. heights 2. Death

  • Stomach and hand

    My photo is used a lot in the internet but nobody quotes me in it. It’s time to put a stop to this.