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  • Biomechanical wings

  • True angel

    I was really close with my papa. Before he passed away he used to call me his little angel. The day I turned 18 my first tattoo was for him and I got the biggest set of free hand angel… [ read more ]

  • Fallen Angel

    I Have been looking for the right artist to put some wings on my back and I have finally found him. I told Vince to give me some wings and this is what I got. Exactly how I wanted then… [ read more ]

  • Apple of My Crying Eye

  • Believe

    I got this,in honor of my grandmother and my father, they always taught me to believe in myself, so they passed away 6 months apart and they are my angels.

  • Wolf Head Chest Piece

    The entire tattoo in the image is representative of myself. The main piece (wolf head) has significance to me in its relative characteristics to myself. All other pieces that make the whole chest tattoo also add to the idea.

  • Righteous Wings

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