• Eagle cover up

    This is my latest tattoo. It’s a cover-up of a bad tattoo I had with my Xs name and our anniversary date. To me it represents transition, change and freedom to move on. It also symbolizes my Army career and… [ read more ]

  • Inca Warrior

    its power, grace, strength and freedom

  • Butterflies in flight

    After discovering my daughter has a rare genetic syndrome I had my wings tattoo, she Is my Angel. as the yrs went by I felt my wings weren’t big enough and went on the hunt for a way of extending… [ read more ]

  • wings

    I will be the guardiyan for my children

  • Skull Heart Chest Piece

  • Baby Girl

    My husband has called me BabyGirl for over 25 years…I designed it myself

  • Cross n Wings

    This tattoo is a cover up of a tattoo from my old days and ways. I have changed my life and now want to have something that is honoring to my God. I am getting rid of all the tats… [ read more ]


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