• Sexy Silhouettes

    This tattoo represents my good & bad sides. I have an alter-ego, xXx-ChAse-xXx; of whom walks on the “wild side”.

  • wings

    My wings are for my brother who passed away.. He will always be my Angel on my back..

  • Angel Wings

    I love the look of angel wings. I am my own guardian angel with these.

  • back tat

    I’ve wanted this since i was 15. Over the years it has grown more signifigance with the loss of more friends and family. My wings will carry me to heaven when im called.

  • Fallen Angel

    My best friend and I have always been more like sisters and we’re kind of naughty so we got this idea to get matching tattoos of the Fallen Angel Wings. It was done by Kevin Derochie at Living Art.

  • Love Always 19-05-2003

    I got this tattoo in remembrance of my mom’s passing ten years ago, when I was 8. She’s been my guardian angel ever since.

  • BlackBettie

    It is everything I love!