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  • Indian

    Tattoo of my family

  • The Undead Headdress

  • Wolf Tatto – Ink Art Tatto Zenta

  • Courage

    It represents how my mother viewed me growing up and always used the word courage to describe who I am as a person. The eyes of the wolf are my color and the symbol on the bottom says “Courage” to… [ read more ]

  • Wolf Head Chest Piece

    The entire tattoo in the image is representative of myself. The main piece (wolf head) has significance to me in its relative characteristics to myself. All other pieces that make the whole chest tattoo also add to the idea.

  • stomach piece

    This is a cover up of some lettering I used to have across my stomach.

  • Werewolf

    tattoo done by Heather out of Salem ink in Salem MA.

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