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  • Japanese ghost stories

    My favorite tattoo – a japanese parlour game called hyakumonogatari kaidankai shown in pictures. It’s my first colour piece, designed collaboratively by myself and by incredible artist Ash Davies of Stronghold tattoo studio. It shows several of my interests, namely… [ read more ]

  • Girl and Wolf

    This is one of the tattoos that I started using techniques that I haven’t been able to use for awhile and started using colors; This tattoo is a tattoo that is not on me; but on my friends girlfriends thigh.

  • Wolf Hummingbird

    Just a beautiful tattoo

  • Indian

    Tattoo of my family

  • The Undead Headdress

  • Wolf Tatto – Ink Art Tatto Zenta

  • Courage

    It represents how my mother viewed me growing up and always used the word courage to describe who I am as a person. The eyes of the wolf are my color and the symbol on the bottom says “Courage” to… [ read more ]

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