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  • Rose & Wolf

    The wolf stands for the fact I consider myself a lone wolf and the skull and rose remind me to live life to the fullest.

  • wolf butterfly Memorial tattoo

    My first tattoo, Memorial for a loved one that passed away, and my husky that passed away.

  • wolf from the dark side

    It symbolized dark side ..and also night side of me …symbolized wolf eating doe …it is not finished ! its a first part….next 3 parts will fill the whole chest … artist: Adam Kremer

  • Wolf

  • Tough wolf

    Just a cool fun tattoo of one tough looking wolf!

  • Celtic Wolf

    This was designed by one of our local tattooist. I asked him to incorporate my Irish heritage with an animal I hold very dear to my heart, the wolf.

  • wolf in sheeps clothing

    Done by Sean Morgan at Scarab Body Arts in Syracuse, New York Instagram: seanisweird

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