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  • Lone wolf

    Just a lone wolf ya know. Artist JUSTIN ZAK

  • Lone Wolf

    It was a piece that turned out more incredible than I could ever imagine. A little over designed template handed to my artist and he turned it into my dream tattoo. It’s called Lone Wolf because it’s a tribute to… [ read more ]

  • wolf

    my soul

  • Fenrir

  • Autumn Wolf

    This is my very first tattoo. Drew up the design myself and I loved the result! For me this tattoo has a particular meaning behind everything. As a child I grew up with my father being a hunter. From a… [ read more ]

  • Wolf

    Many people i met in my life compared me to a lone wolf, cause as a kid and teen i didn’t talk much, i wanted to be alone, isolated. I was suspicious and kind of aggressive with everyone, now that… [ read more ]

  • Wolf pup and panther

    This represents me, as the wolf pup, and my mother, as the panther. It shows how opposite we are but also how similar we are. She is always looking out for my while I still learn the ways of the… [ read more ]