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  • Leather Dream Catcher n’ Wolf paw

    I had this tattoo done because of my heritage as a lakota aka oglala sioux/native american. Lakotas are the very first and original makers of the dream catcher and before they made the webs, they made them with leather centers… [ read more ]

  • Inner Wolf

    This is the image I have in my mind of my inner self/inner spirit… Quite simply, this is me in my dreams, an anthromorphic wolf with a choker, a few feathers and a rainbow armband for my sexuality

  • neo wolf

    Just how nice it fits on my leg.

  • Lone wolf

    Just a lone wolf ya know. Artist JUSTIN ZAK

  • Lone Wolf

    It was a piece that turned out more incredible than I could ever imagine. A little over designed template handed to my artist and he turned it into my dream tattoo. It’s called Lone Wolf because it’s a tribute to… [ read more ]

  • wolf

    my soul

  • Fenrir

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