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  • Marie Antionette: “Let Them Eat Cake”

    As an entertainer, I understand being a contradiction. I sacrafice myself for others, as Miss Marie Antionette did as well. Plus, I intend to live like her some day and eat all the cake I want!

  • woman and deer

    Tattoo made by Snatch from Snatch tattoo ink, pagny-sur-moselle France.

  • Portrait sleeve

  • monix

    It was my firts tattoo, built it personally with my name on it and the spot accidentally fit with my highheels upper line.

  • pin up

    To me it shows power in women! I shows to me no matter what people say to me I will do this and keep proving them wrong. Women are strong.

  • water woman

    true tattoo ballycarry. tattoo by keith

  • American pinup

    My love of my wife and country with inspiration coming from Jessica rabbit and classic pin up style poster girls

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