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  • American pinup

    My love of my wife and country with inspiration coming from Jessica rabbit and classic pin up style poster girls

  • Geisha tattoo by Alicia

    a beginning in my life

  • Vamp Life

    I’d say it relates to the dark aura around me, night owl, goth, you get the feeling.

  • Love to Hate you / Hate to Love you

    It is the love we make and the love we take; it is passionate, it is erotic, yet conventional in it’s sketched free-hand state. His hands in her mouth says to me, “just shut up and love me already!”. Who… [ read more ]

  • Secret messages you’ll never know

    I’ve always knew I wanted a big tattoo one day and not different images on all kinds of places. So I once asked my best friend what kind of tattoo would be typical me. Then she answered ‘A naked woman’…. [ read more ]

  • Lady of roses

  • Girl From Future

    i did this tattoo yesterday

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