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  • Cherry blossom watercolour

    I had my Tattoo done by Abenk Sila at Bali Shadow Tattoo, Seminyak in April this year. It starts low on my torso to disguise my appendix scar (done when I was 14!) travels up my side & back to… [ read more ]

  • Beaches and tattoos

    This piece is of temple mount in Jerusalem. Star of David at top. The thigh piece is a running horse. As a Jewish woman I found many people in my religious community were against myself being tattooed, including my parents… [ read more ]

  • Revolution

    Every tattoo that i do has great meaning and significance. Being a 23 year old female tattoo artist, with each of my works, brings me one step closer to my goal “to inspire and be inspired”.

  • Justice For All

    I’ve been through a lot in life, especially in this last year. When I look at this tat, I see a strong, bad assed chic, I see a survivor. She reminds me that I too can/will survive. I can make… [ read more ]

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