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  • Snow&Rain

    These tattoos is the symbol of a friendship with my best friend.

  • Auntie and Niece – Lyrics

    they mean life and family and they all make me happy and make me a stonger person

  • forgive

    I have been through a lot all my life, i have learned this lesson many times.

  • Portland

    Portland, Oregon is my favorite city in the USA, even though I am a Washington, DC native. My ‘Portland’ tattoo was done by Dave @ Fortune Tattoo in Portland, OR.

  • Rose Beach

  • Nein Bedauert

    “Nein Bedauert” means “No Regrets” in German. I believe that no one should regret anything at all. No matter if it is a positive or a negative thing, everything happens for a reason and it makes you who are today.

  • Dark Love

    “He saw the darkness in her beauty, she saw the beauty in his darkness.” I was diagnosed with depression at the age of 20. I thought it was ridiculous and untrue until I realized I had been fighting a battle… [ read more ]

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