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  • Rose Beach

  • Nein Bedauert

    “Nein Bedauert” means “No Regrets” in German. I believe that no one should regret anything at all. No matter if it is a positive or a negative thing, everything happens for a reason and it makes you who are today.

  • Dark Love

    “He saw the darkness in her beauty, she saw the beauty in his darkness.” I was diagnosed with depression at the age of 20. I thought it was ridiculous and untrue until I realized I had been fighting a battle… [ read more ]

  • Strength

    My family and I have a disease called Neurofibromatosis type 2. This disease causes tumors to grow on our nerves and cause a lot of pain and issues throughout the body. I am 29 and I have already had 2… [ read more ]

  • Bird of values

    It signifies all of life’s morals that mean something to me.

  • Reminder for myself, and the world.

    Its a reminder for myself, because it must begin with me, if i hope for others to feel the same. And its a message to the world of something that world obviously change things immensely. Its also a new perspective… [ read more ]

  • Inked but innocent

    Journeys in life! All drawn out by me

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