• Ruthle$$

    At some point in our lives we are ruthless. If not about everything about certain things. I for one am ruthless when it comes to my money, family, and friends. If you hurt them or take from me I’ll be… [ read more ]

  • The Scroll

    My tattoos keep me grounded. Philosophical and proverb quotes that I try to live by.

  • Kill Pride, Hurt Feelings

    I can be sweet but if you mess with me, i can not only make you cry but kill you’re pride.

  • Dragonfly

  • Reality

    The quote that I have on my arm, is very true to my life. It’s words to live by, each and every single day.

  • freedom

    All my tattoos means to me that I’m different from society and I am a quirky individual and my own person.

  • Trust Your Struggle

    It reminds me that no matter what life puts you through, there’s always a better outcome.


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