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  • miss u mom

    It signifies moms in marathi indian language

  • jizelle & Alize (daughters name)

    It’s my kids names, everyone who has their kids names has then all small on a study or maybe an arm, I wanted mine to tske up the wjole left side of my body!!!

  • BunBun CupCake !

    This tattoo means my first birthday after long time my baby was born, a new path with good and bad changes, but “always skip cheerful and sweet bitter though it happens”!

  • Lost in the thought of you

    It reminds me that I can get through anything!

  • Faith/E=mc2

    I Just Enrolled Into College

  • Tattoo Machine

    Showing my love, for tattoos

  • Dove

    A dove represents that there is will be a happy ending in your life an having it on my wrist is a constant reminder.