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  • The Look

  • When everything seems to be falling apart it may actually be falling into place. Just have faith, hope and love.

    That if you keep your faith and have faith anything is possible. When you life seems to be falling apart it may be falling into place it all depends on your attitude and how you deal with life’s trials and… [ read more ]

  • Crabby Cancer

    I was getting the tattoo itch bad, this is second tattoo, and I didn’t have much cash to do a tattoo with. So low and behold I got this small guy for my Zodiac, being a Cancer

  • truth

    It signifies what I must do daily

  • Hirondelles

    Liberty / Freedom. I can do watever I want, I’m the boss of my own life !

  • miss u mom

    It signifies moms in marathi indian language

  • jizelle & Alize (daughters name)

    It’s my kids names, everyone who has their kids names has then all small on a study or maybe an arm, I wanted mine to tske up the wjole left side of my body!!!

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