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  • Melting Honey Pooh bear

    Pooh bear was my family nickname.

  • A few more to go!

  • Scripture and one for mom.

    The diamond with mom in it isfor my mom and the color is her birthstone color. The Diamond is a precious stone so therefore my mom is precious to me. The scripture is psalm 118:6, means I shouldn’t fear man… [ read more ]

  • chaotic beauty

    When life is filled with chaos, the star will guide the way. Everything in my life was spiraling and the star of chaos was my perfect representation of it.

  • koi fish

  • A Shitty Tattoo

    well my friend does tattoos and he wants to become and artist and hes been practicing on his friends. I know his friend will regret this terribly done tat.

  • Phoenix

    This was my first tat. The phoenix has a lot of personal meaning for me…

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