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  • Lucky

    Nearly got killed but got my pay back that want it means

  • Respect Few

    Significance is respect you and fear no one. Respect the people that respect you. Be afraid of no one as their just a person like you.

  • a life story

    They all tell a different story about events that had happened in my life

  • Chest Piece

    Have Courage & Be Kind. Without courage you can’t move very far into the life you want. And kindness leads to good karma. Cinderella didn’t become a princess without being kind.

  • Dad

    my dad sent me his favorite guitar and signed a special note to me, I took his final line and had it put on my forearm after he passed away. Means the world to me.

  • Irish Blessing

    I love being Irish and at that time I hadn’t seen a lot of poems or sayings tattooed on people lol thought I was being myself …Unique

  • Freak Show

    My mother always calls me her little freak show.

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