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  • Lyrics

    This is a song my best friend and I used to listen to in the car. He passed away in a car accident at just 21 years old 18 months ago. He used to call me ‘Boring Nome’ as I… [ read more ]

  • @dougieky

    All my tats mean something different and are unique.

  • Stomach

  • “With Every Heartbeat”

    I got this to represent love,life and family. Because “with every heartbeat” life continues on.

  • side rib tattoo

    Everything that had a deep meaning to me in life.

  • Truer words never spoken

    Since I was young my family has been my main inspiration, and love, trust and respect are key elements of any relationship in life

  • forever and alwways breaking benjamin

    The band Breaking Benjamin inspired me in so many ways, they’re music helped me through all the bad I had in my life

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