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  • Dragon Mask

    It’s a symbol of protection as I am a tiger sign and the dragon had my back.

  • Dragon Tiger – Yin Yang

    How I try to live my life! a reminder to me when I look in the mirror

  • Yin yang owls

    The two owls represent my mother and me. The yin yang goes for its balance meaning linked to our relationship. We’re completely different, but still, we’re part of one another

  • A little bit of me

    I created it and my wonderful tattoo artist put it together for. It’s all bits and pieces of my life…my story…and I just keep having to add!! Git the next one in mind already

  • First Tattoo

  • Death & Life

  • 2013-02-0611.45.35

    For me this piece represents two opposites (yin and yang koi fish), working in harmony with each other. The cherry blossoms in the water represent the love that they are immersed in