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  • Video Game Half Sleeve

  • Zelda Triforce Hybrid

    The Legend of Zelda has been my favourite game and it will ever be as i grew up with it ūüôā

  • Mew crossover Hyrule

    is what happens when mew visit Hyrule

  • Link attack

    It brings me back to the days of playing video games with my brother and my baby sitter.

  • Princes Zelda

    I had gotten this tattoo with my husband. He has a matching tattoo of link on his left arm and i have my Zelda tattoo on my right arm. Honestly, this tattoo means hope, love and it was surprising that… [ read more ]

  • Master Sword Triforce Tattoo

    Gamer girl at heart with a love for the Legend of Zelda. Once a nerd, always a nerd right? I thought it would be a fun an d badass tattoo to have. I drew it all myself as well so… [ read more ]

  • The Legend Of Zelda

    the two zelda tattoo’s on my back symbolize my earliest memory i have of my father playing Zelda with me. the Diablo angle on my shoulder shows my love for gaming o this day, and the snake skull candle on… [ read more ]

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