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  • Crabby Cancer

    I was getting the tattoo itch bad, this is second tattoo, and I didn’t have much cash to do a tattoo with. So low and behold I got this small guy for my Zodiac, being a Cancer

  • Crab

    It represent my zodiac symbol

  • Inked and Proud

    All represent my daughter and one specifically represents me knowing myself at a time of sadness.

  • Solar System

    This sleeve was my first big tattoo, and I had always pictured myself as having a lot of tattoos as an adult, even when I was very little. I always found them to be fascinating and beautiful on other women… [ read more ]

  • Capricorn

    This tattoo is to honor my daughter’s zodiac. It also conveys her love for water and her stubborness.

  • pisces

    i am very pisces

  • image

    Family is everything. Sry but I finally found out how to upload the pics. (: