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  • The Walking Dead

    This tattoo was the most challenging project I have attempted to date. It’s packed with details, and completely saturated. I custom drew the design to fit my client’s requests. Over 30 hours of work later, this is my final product.

  • Zombie woman

    1st crack at color zombie

  • Bernie Wrightson Tattoo

  • Zombie SpongeBob

    SpongeBob SquarePants is one of my favorite cartoons to watch, but I also enjoy hole or movies, so I wanted to get a horror-themed SpongeBob tattoo. The tattoo was done by Mark Wright of Capitol Tattoo in Silver Spring, Maryland…. [ read more ]

  • Horror chick cover up

    A cover up from my first tattoo i took drunk in gran canaria, which was a puzzle piece (covered in the hearth/hand/blood). Was a challenge as it was very dark colours with a hard red color, but after some sessions… [ read more ]

  • 100% Healed Zombie Leg Piece

  • corpse bride/tattooed pin up

    It is covering old self harm scars which I’ve wanted covered for years. Favourite movie is corpse bride, and I love Gil’s work (the tattoo artist) his traditional pin ups are amazing so I really wanted him to do me… [ read more ]

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