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  • Zombie Obama

    Ladies and Gentleman of inked magazine i give to you our current american presidents head (as a zombie) on a stick! As a proud american tattoo artist this was the opportunity to show not only artistic ability, but my personal… [ read more ]

  • Zombies

    This tattoo is a portrait of each of my daughters done as zombies . Hear no evil, head phones ,see no evil , maggots in place of eyes and speak no evil , mouth sewn shut. My wife and children… [ read more ]

  • Dead Career Choices

    This piece covers my dead career choices. Two dead zombie women, a cop and nurse, being my two dead career choices. Scissors were added once I became a stylist and the word ‘passion’ because it’s what I’m most passionate about…. [ read more ]

  • oswald

    I freakin’ love cute animals and zombies, why not combine the two?

  • IMG_1852

    It represents my bipolar disorder, and the feeling of being out of control, spining.. falling.. feeling like a monster.