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  • Thigh tattoos

    I really love zombies and zombie culture, and wolves of course.

  • Based on poster of French movie called “A virgin among the living dead”

    As a horror freak, the image represents everything I love about the genre, half naked girl being chased by zombie like creatures, a graveyard and a dracula like castle in the background are some of the images that got my… [ read more ]

  • Lazy days in bed

    It’s myself in art form

  • The start of a back piece

    It’s the constant battle I have within me. Good vs. evil

  • Zombie apocalypse

    Even if the zombie apocalypse doesn’t happen in my lifetime, it will always be a part of me

  • The zombie within

    This tattoo represents the love I have for the undead.

  • Good vs. Evil

    My right sleeve is a zombie apocalypse. It’s dark. My left half sleeve (unfinished) is a tree of life. It’s full of beautiful creatures and lots of color. My chest has the quote “Omertà” on it. It’s the code of… [ read more ]