Tattooed Man Seeks Election Ballot In India

Wonder if he’ll get as many votes as he has tattoos?

Har Prakash, who claims to hold 22 Guinness World records, is putting his name in the hat for the upcoming Presidential election in India. And he’s using his many, many tattoos to help him win the race.

“I will add the tattoos of the party which supports me in the Presidential poll,” the man known as “Guinness Rishi” said. 

He says he has the flags of over 200 countries, maps of 185 countries, 165 mini flags, and 2,985 characters tattooed all over his body. Whether this will appeal to voters is anyone’s guess.

Some of Rishi’s world records, besides having the highest tattoo total of anyone in the world, are writing the longest will and delivering a pizza from New Delhi to San Francisco.


Source: Deccan Herald

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