Wing Tattoos

Don’t ever be afraid to spread your wings and fly, the inked individuals in below sure weren’t. Perhaps it’s the message behind their angelic feathers that helped them reach that point. After all, every tattoo has a meaning on some level. No matter how big or small, tattoos of wings are always mighty.

Man has always dreamed of having the ability to fly, and while these wing tattoos might not actually enable flight, they certainly do look amazing. Check it out.

Women with Wing Tattoos

rainbow wings tattoo

Forget tasting the rainbow. Be the rainbow.


My, what beautiful feathers you have madam. More purple tattoos here.

wing back tattoo

Flawless. Photo by Victor Ciccarelli.

back tattoo wings

Fabulous placement.

phoenix wings tattoo

Glowing Wings

Holy sh*t, These angel wings are glowing! More black light tattoos here.

Men with Wing Tattoos

man with wings tattoo

man back wings tattoo

MMA fighter Benson Henderson’s wings are reminiscent of a tough bird of prey.

angel back tattoo

wings arm tattoo

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Check out the realistic looking feathers on this tattoo.

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