Tattoos for a cause – N.J. studio will donate to charity for children with terminal brain disease

Every tattoo has a story, but few are more moving than that of Michael and Melissa Flinchum. The Flinchum’s 3-year-old son, Dylan, was diagnosed with terminal late-infantile metachromatic leukodystrophy in August 2011. This disease is responsible for the deterioration of white matter in Dylan’s brain, which alters his muscle and mental functions. That same year, Dylan’s parents joined Pure Ink Tattoo Studio to host a fundraiser for Dylan’s charity, the Dylan Flinchum “Rock On!” Foundation, which was created to help pay for Dylan’s medical bills. Michael and Melissa each received tattoos during the event: Michael has a portrait of his hand holding his son’s, while Melissa’s butterfly tattoo is the symbol of the MLD Foundation.

From Sept. 21 through 23, Pure Ink Tattoo Studio in Ledgewood, N.J. will donate 30 percent of its earnings to the the Dylan Flinchum “Rock On!” Foundation. The three-day fundraiser will also benefit the children of Caldwell residents Mel and Lina Sereno. The Sereno’s two children, Sal and Giovanni, were also diagnosed with MLD.

And for those who are unable to attend, Pure Ink Tattoo will offer gift certificates for sale both in store and online. Fifteen percent of these gift certificate sales will go to the Dylan Flinchum Foundation.

Last year’s event raised about $4,000, and this year looks every bit as promising. Pure Ink co-owner Graig Berkowitz encouraged walk-ins, and confirmed that although time slots have been sold out, he and his staff anticipate being able to tattoo every customer.

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