Tattoos For Lenten

For Lenten Ecclesia pastor Chris Seay asked members of his congregation to get tattoos. The Montrose pastor along with the church’s “artist in residence” Scott Erickson were looking for 10 people to get inked with designs representing the Stations of the Cross, 10 monuments that illustrate the story of Jesus’ death, but instead they received 50 responses from the Ecclesia community.

“Being in Montrose, which is considered basically the artist capital of Houston, it makes sense to represent (the story of Jesus) visually,” said Ecclesia staff member Wayne Brown

Rather then using typical religious images Erickson created his own original art inspired by Russian prison tattoos and Sailor Jerry.

The tattooed congregation will gather for an art exhibit for Lent, “Stations on Skin,” which will open at the church’s Xnihilo Gallery on Saturday.

Source:   Houston Chronicle

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