80s style muscle

About this tattoo

I had a friend in high school who wore Hawaiian Flower Button ups and sweat pants every day. It was his thing. He didn’t have many friends due to a minor mental disability so he valued our friendship on a next level. He gave me a matching Hawaiian shirt for my 16th birthday and it was such a big moment for him to give a friend a present. I moved away later that year and due to his family having great financial hardship he didn’t have computer access outside of school and we lost touch. I eventually tossed the shirt during a spring cleaning. Not even 3 months after that, Tim died from falling face first In to a small puddle after a seizure. I would do anything for that shirt back. Since that can’t happen I did the next best thing. I had all his favorite Hawaiian and tropic flowers tattooed onto both arms, shoulders and back. I wear it to remind me to never forget to show the people I love that they matter to me ever day.

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