Angry Rage

Angry Rage

About this tattoo

At the end of the 1990s, life has bring me to a place where I did’nt wanted to go. Years later, I took my life back to where I want it and promised me that I would never go there again. Unfortunately, I forgot a few things and life and my bad choices has bring me back there again a couple of years ago.

I’m now working in getting again the control of my life and this tattoo represent me. Me who’s VERY angry to get back there again, me with a rage inside me to have made choices without thinking of what is good for me.

With this tattoo, I want to have someting that will always remember me of where I went and how it made me feel to be there.

I hope it will help me to keep in mind where I went and how hard it is to come back. I won’t never go there again.

The artist is Pierre Denux Parent who is working at Tatouage Royal in Montréal, Québec. ( The tattoo was done at the 2014 Bikes & Tattoos Show (

The original drawing was made by Milosch in 2005. ( )