Basic me

About this tattoo

Wow, where to start. I made my sleeve myself when I was very young. I started drawing it for fun and for quite a few years I waited for the perfect memories to go into filling the gaps. It became a long term hobby. Of course I had the dream of it happening but I had no clue that my creation would eventually come to have so much life. my sleeve starts at my neck, swirling through roses to a time clock set at my time of birth, an hourglass with two mirrored skulls inside and gears in the hourglass shadow. I was born with a death wish and since I was a little baby girl I was quite the adrenaline junkie. I have been to hell and back and I’ll do it again next year for a nice vacation ūüėČ anyways continuing down you run into two crossed antique dueling pistols pearls, roses and a heart shaped locket holding them all together. My father is a huge country boy, antique collector. Always had an extra fancy for pistols and my mother is a smooth talking, British, city slicker who’s favorite flower is the rose and when I was I little girl I always thought she looked like a queen in Grandmas pearls. so, tucked in my under arm is Betty Page, I decided to hide her away for one main reason. I believe every woman no matter what, every woman has a hot, sexy side. Some just keep there’s a dirty little secret that, as the man, you have to be the one to get her to come out and play. On my inner elbow I have a compass to signify my travels, laugh now cry later drama masks on my forearm just as a reminder, and my favorite, funny, I will never forget story that made up a quarter of my sleeve is a giant owl, wings spread from wrist to elbow. The story is hysterical but a little long to type. Just trust me when I saw I still giggle so hard telling the story I nearly tinkle. Lol. On my left forearm I have a lock and a small word with music notes wrapped around it. Speaks for its self. Growing up we were poverty stricken but all the kids had that one toy they could have an unlimited amount of, Mine was My little pony. They went everywhere, took baths with me, played in the dirt, I mean everywhere. So instead of getting the traditional picture of a My Little Pony I decided that I was going to put MY SYMBOL of what “pony” I would be on my booty just like there’s. So, I thought really hard about this one.. what would I be for the rest of my life that would signify a party of my like the little ponies. Then it came to me, I’m…Straight. So just like the little ponies have it, I got a male and female symbol intertwined with tribal graphics in the back round. Last but not least, On the back of my neck I have a half sun and moon with three stars. As a reminder that like goes on day by day with or with out you. The three stars, Don’t run from my past, live in the present and keep working towards a stronger future. Yay. Fin.

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