Battle and Protection between Father and Son

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About this tattoo

My father and I have an amazing relationship. However we both struggle to be the dominant one in the family which leads us to battles at times. I had done a tattoo for my mom and my father was upset as he felt like I favored my mother over him as I did not get a tattoo that was for him.

For years I worked on thinking of a tattoo that was not corny and really made me think of my dad when I would see it. One day I was bored and was reading about the animals of the Chinese Calendar. I found that I was a dragon and my father was a rooster. As I read about each of these animals and their meaning let alone how they work together I decided my tattoo for my father would resemble the struggle that roosters and dragons have, but also how a father rooster always is protecting his dragon son.

I wanted the tattoo to be a Christmas gift for my dad, my artist and I started in August and did work every two weeks until December 22. I wanted powerful color in the dragons body and for the feathers of the rooster to truly stand out. A lot of detail went into the making of the tattoo, roughly 80 hours of work.

I have plenty of pictures of the tattoo, along with a professional photo that was recently taken. Also we took pictures at the end of each sessions so I have the entire process step-by-step in picture form.

Thank you for your time,


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