Bright idea

Bright idea

About this tattoo


My name is Ian South, my brother and I run Disappearing ink laser tattoo removal along side the best artists in the Burgh. Good friend and local legend, Don McDonald, is the owner of Bodyworks tattoo studio in Penn Hills. The shop, established in 1973, is a living piece of tattoo history and a second home to some of the greatest tattoo artists in the city. The artists have shared the building (owned by Don) with an old school barber for decades and recently, the barber retired at 80something years old.

Throughout the years of this old fashioned harmony between tattoo parlor and barber shop, the vintage aesthetic of the barber shop remains perfectly in tact. The space was left loaded with irreplaceable equipment, and authenticity that money can’t buy. Local entrepreneur and cutting edge hair stylist Ryan Graham (owner of Grahams barber shop on Butler St) saw potential in this dusty diamond and jumped at the opportunity. He struck a deal with Don to keep all the old equipment, rolled up his sleeves, and went to work revitalizing the shop. The place has turned out to be a beautiful tribute to the history behind it, and Graham was the perfect man for the job.

To celebrate the caliber of artwork coming out of this establishment, I am going to bring both sides of the building together in collaboration. I want to let Graham and Don work in unison on a design, blending their two mediums together. These guys will be using my head to display their creative freedom, and thought it should make for an interesting piece. If you’d like to be a part of the magic, please let me know as I intend on doing this ASAP! I’ve included some images of their work, so you can see for yourself what I’m talking about!