But you look so normal…

But you look so normal…

About this tattoo

My first tattoo was inspired by a book that my husband and I wrote about our brain injuries. I had a devastating stroke when I was 27 and I met my husband in rehab as he was recovering from his brain injury. I try to think of how the stroke positively affected my life instead of all the negative. I had always wanted ink, and now I had the perfect subject matter for my first tattoo.

I feel it was a little bit of fate as we walked into Mario Davis’s studio, Full Spectrum Ink in Rocklin, CA. Typically he’s booked out for months, but as we walked in that night, he had an unexpected cancellation. After listening to our story and getting to know each other I immediately felt comfortable and ready to go. He originally wanted to put the stencil on and let me see how I liked it for a night to make sure it was perfect. We didn’t even get the whole stencil on and we just decided to go for it.

The ribbons have special meaning for me. The red ribbon is for stroke awareness. The other two ribbons represent my two brothers. The ribbons wrapping around the brain make me feel that my brothers and I are always supporting each other and it feels like they are hugging me. The silver ribbon is for Parkinson’s which my brother is fighting and the blue ribbon is for spine arthritis.

I got my first artwork done when I was 40 and it was so worth the wait. I’ve already got started on the other thigh and hip and have plans for an entire back piece. Then probably something on my arms as well. I am absolutely hooked. I’ve given Mario complete artistic freedom and can’t wait to showcase my new pieces!

Here’s a link to his Instagram page and a post he did about the tattoo on his facebook page:


I do a lot of meaning full and heartfelt tattoos but this particular one was very special. I had the honor to do this…

Posted by Mario Davis on Wednesday, September 27, 2017