Dracula kissing Mina

About this tattoo

This tattoo reminds me that once true love has been found it lasts through out time. Dracula had lost his wife to suicide because she had been told that he had died in battle, the two were mightily in love. When Dracula returned from the war he discovered his beloved dead and it tore his soul forever, thus he gave himself to dark forces to kill in revenge for the tragedy that had come upon his kingdom. As Dracula became a vampire and one who could not die, he finally came across a young woman named Mina, whom had the reincarnated soul of his deceased wife, it was as if the laws of the Universe had given Dracula another chance to be happy. Although Dracula adored Mina, her affections were not the same. It is a tragic tale, but I appreciate the love that Dracula contained for his wife, for it traveled with him throughout the ages.

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