About this tattoo

This is a 3D Flower I started on my upper right arm and I will be taking it down front and back to an entire sleeve. I know I want the words “ETERNAL BODY ART” like wrote in 3d wrapped around my arm because that is the name of my tattoo shop and Lisa is my artist, she freestyles everything we do. I can see the words wrapped around and then major detail work like maybe a picture of one of my favorite modeling pictures, taking the tat all way down to my hand and have on my knuckles FAB1. That is what all my friends/fans on Facebook call me. This arm when totally complete will be amazing with much detail and then I will move to the next arm and before I am done, I will be covered and I am talking all body except for face and boobs. I am ADDICTED TO INK! IT TELLS THE STORY OF MY LIFE!
Then when I am done you may want me as the cover model and face of Inked Magazine. That would be cool! One day the world will know my name! I am making a full appearance changed it just takes a little time when you have so much Ink to do. But it will be done & because of who is doing it! Lisa at Eternal Body Art in Jackson, Ms. it will blow you away. Then time to call on BeFabulous Fotography for the best photos ever! You at Inked Mag will be the first to get these!

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