fallen angel Nathan

About this tattoo

It has 4 details: Yin-yang wings, teary eyes, happy mask and a chained heart. YIN-YANG WINGS significe my good and bad attitude. Sometimes i do good things for other people, and sometimes i can’t help my self do bad things as well. TEARY EYES, means that i’m soft inside and i’m also human who can feel pain, sadness and sorrow. HAPPY MASK, i’m pretending to be happy. I’m always using that happy face to show that i’m not hurt, to hide my pains from other people and show them that i’m happy even if i’m not. CHAINED HEART, symbolizes how i struggle on some of my emotions, that even if i don’t want to say or do something, but for the sake of justice and equality i have to chained my heart ignore what it says and do the right things. And also it is how i deal with the people who sees me as a monster on their life. i have to set aside the pains my heart felt.

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