Forearms and Wrists

Forearms and Wrists

About this tattoo

Butterfly – Butterflies symbolizes change. My butterfly is covering up a scar from when I used to cut years ago. I have changed and turned into a beautiful self confident woman, just like how a caterpillar transforms into a gorgeous butterfly.

Voodoo Doll – Voodoo dolls are used to control others, however the meaning behind my voodoo doll is the opposite. It represents how I will not let anyone control me.

Crow / Raven – Crows and ravens are my spirit animals.

XIII (13) – Every Friday the 13th I get a 13 tattooed on me. I’m only going to get 13 of them.

“Blieb Stark” with a date – “Blieb Stark” means “Stay Strong” in German. Something horrible happened on that date (I’m not going into detail because it’s too personal). So this is just a reminder that I can get through anything because I’ve already been through the worst.