About this tattoo

Hey It’s me, some people call me the girl next door, others call me alternative. Really I’m just me, a fun loving, happy, nerdy, tattooed, horny, healthy, big breasted girl who wants to share her world.

Welcome to my site!

It’s 100% owned and run by me! I’m a “nice” Canadian girl with big dreams…and most of them involve you. I started working as a cam girl 2 years ago and have loved every minute of it. Now I’m taking things to a whole new level with my own site!

I’ve always wanted to be my own boss and create something that was truly all mine. This site is my chance to be creative and let my imagination flow into whatever I want. This isn’t the traditional cam girl site with just exclusive pics and vids. This is something much more interactive and personal.

I want to let you into my world. I’m taking all the best parts of camming and putting them all into one place for MY exclusive members: live video cams, exclusive chat features, member-only shows, exclusive photos, VIP email and soon to come, MUCH MUCH more!

Your support on this endeavour is sincerely appreciated. I look forward to devoting more personal time to members I’ve known for years and getting to know a whole bunch of new people who are interested in seeing more of me.

Love and sugar,