“growing better “

About this tattoo

Hello , I hope I did this right, uploading the picture, well for one its a cover up, I used to have Vampire Queen and it looked really bad, it was all done in a #3 , no pain really, but I was w a guy and he got Vampire King on his chest, well 3 years later and a baby, I moved on from that guy, it was not a good relationship, well I have been wanting to get it covered up and for my 29th birthday my momma and popz paid for it, and this is wat I got and me and Dane the guy who did it, I told him wat I wanted and he drew it up,, , its a beautiful rose, cant even tell vampire queen was there, unless u seen my other pictures, but I love it and so proud to show this one off just as the rest of all my tattoos, I have 13 , I have 6 big ones and 7 different size ones, I love getting inked, that is my story and I have always wanted to be a inked girl, I will have more pictures on my facebook page, Ya’ll can find me under Brandy Sweat ūüôā thank you

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