Have Faith In Me

About this tattoo

Growing up as a teen I struggled with self harm (no this isn’t going to be one of those sappy stories you see all over the web). Along with self harm i struggled to go to school, i wasnt motivated, and i hated it. I wouldn’t go my senior year to the point it was questionable if i would gradate. In November of 2013 I got a letter from the college of my dreams, that not only had i been accepted, but i had received the largest artistic scholarship they give for theatre. I had been a fan of the band A Day To Remember for while, and from there got the lyrics “Have Faith in Me”. With those words i covered up everything in the past that was there on my arm to haunt me, and moved on with my life. The bird represents that in me flying away and to better things in my life. I look down at this tattoo and remember that there is still scars under this tattoo, but what i can see now is hope every time i look down at my arm.

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