Honor Thy Parents

About this tattoo

My dad was in prison my whole life… i didnt find out until I was 12 and the internet became available to me. I knew that my family hated my dad and they always has nothing nice to say! But me, on the other hand, I love him with all that I am. I only knew him through words on paper. But he was the most solid, real, honest, not crazy, hurtful person in my ENTIRE blood line. I had three dreams at the age of 13, I want to be an incrediable mother, I want to be so successful owning my own business that effects the world and I want to know the sound of my dads voice. I had a terrible childhood and my early 20s we full of horrible but oh so incredible times and people along the way. I finally go to move on to a new life and I write my dad and he says he has cancer April of 2011. Then my little brother who I raised and adore as my own child, gets into an accident that he barely survives, so I write a return letter that I never got to send… On my birthday Jan 13th 2012 I log on to facebook, see a picture of my dad, click on it and find his memoral page… He died Oct 28th 2011 in Chino State Prison from septic shock due. Alone in his cell. Why? I pray God answers me when I ask. I lost a dream, and I lost myself. I died with him. So long story this tattoo is my way of showing how PROUD of my GANGSTER daddy by showing the world on my chest Daddy’s Girl and his CDC # that i got on his birthday June 22nd 2012 the day he promised to meet me when I was 14 years old… isnt that ironic.

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