About this tattoo

I have a full photo shoot of images of my tattoo. Please let me know if you would like to see more and if you choose to use this image. Here is my story:

I often get asked the significance of my tattoo. I can tell you all about my love for samurai films, how I’ve seen over 100 of them and love the way the heroes decorated their body. I can tell you about how I love the way the Japanese style of tattooing is framed on your body with wind lines instead of just floating, or my fascination of the theater stories that are told with the images… but my tattoo has much more meaning to me.

When I was young I sadly was the victim of abuse. It was very intense and left marks mainly on my back, rear, and upper legs. The person responsible eventually left. Initially I was left confused and emotionally unstable. I continued to harm myself at this point, mainly to my arms. As I got older I spent a long time working with a Dr to come to peace with myself.

After a lot of hard work I wanted to leave the past behind me. I met with a dermatologist to lazer down my scars. Although they protruded less they were still visible. People would notice and look in disgust. I wanted a fresh start.

The Japanese half suit covers the exact areas I was concerned with. I was lucky to find such a master artist as Jakoh Cix to make this masterpiece on my body. Now when people look at me they see gorgeous artwork and talk to me about that instead of my troubles from the past.

I have a lot of bad memories. You may have bad memories too. We can not change the past. Tomorrow is still not decided. We can stare destiny in the face and dare to oppose it. We can make new, happy memories.

My name is Joshua. I decide my own fate, and this is neither the begging nor the end of my story.