About this tattoo

My ink story….
Joe Breeze Becton of F.I.N.A.O. Ink in North Providence RI brought this idea to life for me. This is my Autism tattoo to honor my 2 children. I wanted something unique that not only represented autism, but who we are as a family. They are represented as 2 seahorses in their favorite colors. Seahorses look so fragile, but they are tough little survivors. they use their tails to wrap around seaweed or pieces of coral. This is their way if anchoring themselves so they don’t get lost in the strong ocean currents. The mermaid is me. Protecting them with a trident. The mermaids tail is made of puzzle pieces. (The symbol for Autism.) I chose a mermaid because sometimes I feel like I’m drowning in this life… But we have slowly learned to adapt. We face every wave that is thrown at us together. I have learned to see the beauty in this vast ocean of a world called Autism. And guess what? We’re still swimming.

Session was over 7 hours. All one sitting, & I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

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