Lao Tzu with friend

About this tattoo

Lao tzu to me is one of the greatest philosophers and teachers next to the buddha.. the water buffalo is is friend and many paintings are of him riding into nowhere.. it depicts him riding on a buffalo backwards and it’s suppose to mean that the buffalo is slowly and graciously moving slowly into the future taking in all the scenery on the way.. lao tzu is usually looking up to the sky humming to himself pondering and meditating on the present while he faces the past and never forgets.. it’s suppose to represent the walks of life and how all 3 are important.. the past being the greatest of all teachers.. it defines who we are in the present and what we will be in the future.. while at the same time the present is most important.. if you are too anxious you are living in the future.. if you are sad.. you are living in the past.. the perfect balance in life.. is the present.

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