Marilyn Monroe day of the dead

About this tattoo

My sleeve is made up of Japanese figures that I have chosen specifically to identify myself with. I believe in the beauty, art, talent, and ideology of a geisha. I am a snake in the Chinese zodiac chart, which is represented by my snaked dragon. I believe in good luck and if you have a positive outlook on life, than happiness is all that can exist, which is represented by my koi fish. I love the lily flower and think it is the most beautiful flower. I have a kite for my soul that is laced with the phrase “fly with your soul, lead with your heart”. I have for tribal lines one each representing a family member. I have my initials on my upper chest, T.I. for Tessa Ilene, which is my grandmothers name. I have a cross with my birth date to represent that I am a child of the lord. I have wings with my parents names underneath because they are my inspiration, guidance, and angels here on earth. I have a trail of stars on each side of my hips and stomach representing the path through life i continue to travel through discovering the universe within myself. I have Mizz T on my lower back, because I am my own “tramp”. Marilyn Monroe is my idle for many reasons, mostly for how beautiful her soul was. I love leopard print, and I absolutely love my green eyes.

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