About this tattoo

I Love ALL Of My Tattoos!!!!!!! I Love ButterFlies And Flowers!! I Have A Tattoo On My Chest That Is A Heart With An Arrow, And Inside The Heart Is A Rose, And My Husbands Name, “Dave”. I Have A Tattoo On My Right Ankle That Has A Rose, And Around The Rose I Have My 2 Daughters Names, “Tiffany Ann” “Courtney Jo”. On My Left ForeArm I Have A Teddy Bear Holding In One Hand A SunFlower, And The Other Hand Holding 2 Balloons, Inside One Balloon It Has My Daughters Name, “Tiffany” And The Other Balloon It Has My Daughters Name, “Courtney”.
On My Fingers (On Right Hand) I Have “K T C” Meaning Kimberly, Tiffany, Courtney. My Initial And My 2 Daughters.
On My Wedding Ring Finger I Have My Husbands Name, “DAVE” And Below It A Red Heart. <3

My Husband And My 2 Daughters R The Most Precious Things In My Life, They Mean More To Me Than Anything Else In This World!!!! <3 <3 <3