Nightmare Before Christmas Back

About this tattoo

My Nightmare Before Christmas back piece started as just a romantic pairing of Jack & Sally on my right shoulder blade… I had no idea at the time that it would slowly evolve into such an epic masterpiece! The NBC is my wife’s favorite movie, and even though I had never watched it before we met, Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, so it only took one viewing and I was hooked! After Jack & Sally, I went back to Rob Foster at Cactus Tattoo in Mankato, MN for Oogie Boogie, then all the upper background followed. Each 4 hour visit I would give him a new character or background idea, and his vision and talent would bring the movie to life on my skin like I never imagined possible. Lock, Shock, & Barrel each represent my three children, and their first initials are subtlely placed on each of Oogie’s henchmen where my kids can see they each have a part in the whole story. When we finally ran out of room on my back, we decided to bring that piece to an end.
We’ll be doing sleeves next, but each of those will be new ideas and themes…

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