About this tattoo

Othello is the name of the horse that is tattooed on my back. He is a Friesian Horse who was bought in Holland by Robert Labrie from the Friesians of Majesty farm in Vermont. At the time of purchase, he was not qualified to become an approved stallion according to the Holland Registry. Bob saw something in Othello and he knew that he could get him to become an approved stallion… After two long years of testing without success, Bob did not give up on Othello, nor did Othello give up on Bob.
One random day, a friend of Bob approaches him about Othello and says, you know, you have a REALLY Fine horse there. (Referring to Othello) He proceeded to ask him if he has gotten him through the testing to be an approved stallion in the registry book yet. Bob responded in a depressed voice telling him that Holland won’t approve him no matter what he has tried. Little did Bob know at the time, this friend of his was a judge on the board for the German Registry. Needless to say, Othello is now an approved Friesian Stallion for breeding.
This tattoo is an everyday reminder to me to Never Give Up Hope even when it seems the world is against you. Anything is possible, as long as you believe… as well as an everyday kick in the ass to keep excelling in my career so that one day I can afford a Friesian of my own. Not just any Friesian, but a Friesian from the Friesians of Majesty farm that was imprinted by Robert Labrie himself.

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