Rainbow from the storm

Rainbow from the storm

About this tattoo

Always find the positive side to each situation- I have struggled with adhd all of my life. As a child I was treated to help manage it. Late in high school I decided that I no longer wanted to take medication for my adhd and stopped.

Fast forward to last year when I started nursing school, and I started to notice how much my unmanaged adhd was affecting my life. Everything felt like it was so much easier for everyone else and everything felt like the biggest effort for me. I was able to stumble through and thrive. When my summer semester hit this year and I had two very heavy classes I was beyond my sane capabilities. I started to experience anxiety and depression in a way that unless you have gone through it you wouldn’t begin to understand the way it can make you feel, or really how it causes you not to feel anything at all.

Luckily I was aware of the importance to get to my doctor, and he was able to prescribe me medication to help balance my mood out. He also referred me to get a proper adhd diagnosis through testing that led to being able to receive treatment for the adhd and make me feel the most normal I have felt in so long. I look back and realize how much I have struggled through so much, and I did not know that it was preventable. The anxiety and depression I experienced were caused by my inability to keep on task and take care of simple things especially for school. Although still a work in progress, I am so optimistic for constant improvements!

The tattoo represents everything I went through and also shows sweet little Lulu one of my puppies from the summer who helped me through some of the hard stuff and brought a smile to my face when I couldn’t imagine smiling. The tattoo I had done by Aura Dalian at north main tattoo in Plymouth Michigan, she is insanely talented and amazing! She is one of my favorite people I have a great connection to her and can’t wait for future projects with her.

This just shows that you have to find good in each situation and I am so grateful to have this phenomenal art on me! I can’t imagine a better way to show strength and growth I went through this year. Hope you guys love it 😀