Sailing For the Light

About this tattoo

I got this chest piece to go through an experience, to really get in tune with my body and express an intimate story of mine. My sleeve, is a nautical piece as well, and is almost completed to connect to my chest, telling an elaborate story of my life.
The light house is the Cape St. Elias lighthouse, it is located in Alaska close to Cordova and Kayak Island. I am from Alaska, and basically grew up on a boat, the water was my freedom and my imagination. In a nut shell, the symbolism of this piece is about sailing away from the light, often getting lost in life, however the light stays consistent and through all the struggles and waves and storms eventually you find your way back to shore. “A red sky at night is a sailors delight.”
Damon Conklin, owner of Super Genius in Seattle, Washington is my artist and did such a great job.

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